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Vertical Comdial® DX-120™                                                                                              Business Phone System:                                                                                                                                                                                                                            A                                                                 Sophisticated            Telecommunications                                Solution                                                       in a Flexible,                                            Highly Scalable Package



When you grow,                                  the DX-120’s new,                            high-capacity digital trunking                   means  it can grow with you.                                                                              Its remote configurability enables  fast and easy administration.

The installed price starts at just $50.00/mo.

The DX-120 delivers all the sophisticated communications features of a big-company system, with nearly 200 calling features, in a super affordable package that comes fully loaded with advanced capabilities.

Features include high-capacity analog and digital (T1 and ISDN-PRI) trunking that make it highly scalable.

Direct Inward Dialing (DID) means that up to 100 stations can be reached directly from outside callers. 

Its auto attendant and full 150 hours of call recording capacity are on the job when your staff can’t be.

The ultramodern, ergonomic Edge 120 desktop and cordless speakerphones are designed to complement any office décor!

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